Sunday, 11 March 2018

Industrial Music Monday - The Voidloss

Monday? Yes!... You know what that means... Industrial!!! This week we have a band out of the United Kingdom. The music is in the vein of industrial doom metal, with noise elements as well as electronic elements. The projects founder and sole songwriter goes by the name Steve "Voidloss" Loss. The project is called: Voidloss! Check it out!!!

Voidloss @

voidloss Facebook

voidloss Soundcloud


  1. A good friend of z(cluster). Voidloss did a remix for our debut EP and he and INfest8 have been friends for 40 years :)

    1. Ah, nice!! Just out of curiosity have you posted the remix anywhere? I wouldn't mind hearing it!

    2. Oops, sorry, noticed it was included as a part of the EP!