Sunday, 1 October 2017

Thoughts On The Current State Of The World (2017)

Well, every time I log onto Facebook or just look at the news, there is this sense of dread… like, I’m expecting the things the current U.S. president says or does to be gradually getting worse… To be honest, every time I see the daily bullshit, I’m always saying to myself… “What next..?”… We all know the current U.S. president is an idiot… we were all surprised when he won the election and then the Electoral College didn’t vote him out! Now, there’s a threat of nuclear war looming over our heads, cause of the shit that comes out of his mouth… there’s this obvious tension surrounding all of the world right now… A lot of the time, I’m wondering if my efforts and everyone else’s efforts to make the world a better place are actually working… A lot of the time, I’m wondering… will he get impeached (and if he does, will it be any better… we know who will take his place)… A lot of the time, I’m wondering if waiting this out (till the end of his term) is the right answer… I’m actually surprised that he hasn’t been impeached yet… like, what are they waiting for… he is obviously taking the U.S. down into a shit hole… granted the U.S. used to be a world superpower… still is, but I feel like every time he opens his mouth and says something ridiculously stupid he’s digging this giant hole for the country… and making the U.S. a laughing fucking joke to the rest of the world… Granted, I’m not a U.S. citizen… I am a Canadian… but now that this whole situation has arisen and it’s really affecting the world (the nuclear threat from North Korea) it’s hard not to say anything… I dread every day looking on FB or seeing news on various sites and to see that some other fucking drama has started (cause he’s said or done something really fuckin stupid!)… Too be honest, I try and avoid the news (I always have [way too much negativity, and not enough positivity]), but a lot of the time now, it’s really hard… I feel I’m almost forced to look at it now, cause I want to know if there is going to be a world to wake up to in the morning. Sometimes, I think “am I doing enough?”… Sometimes I feel helpless... and “how the fuck did the world get into this situation..?”…I don’t know… what do you guys feel about this situation?

P.S: By the way, I do feel it is important to donate time/money to a charity or cause that you feel is worthy, cause I do think every little action helps, but some of the time I wonder if it’s enough, is there more I could be doing..?

What are your thoughts?

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