Sunday, 20 August 2017

Local Gig: Reckless Heroes Farewell Show w/No More Moments and Purity+Control: August 18th/2017

Well, went to this show... not for the main band, but for one of the openers... Purity+Control (I am only gonna write about Purity+Control, cause quite frankly, not really interested in punk/pop-punk type bands) I have known of this project for quite some time (was originally asked to do live vocals for it, but had to turn the offer down [Twitch is my main and only project])! This performance was their second one. The band currently consists of two members: Jordan Gioplasty (vocals/lyrics), and Slava Nartakhov (backing tracks/synths/samples/sequences/lyrics). The music is in the style of EBM! If I were to compare their sound to another band, their performance reminded me of Skinny Puppy (especially the vocals), mixed with the hard driving beats of EBM! Their set wasn't quite an all hardware set, they did use a laptop for some of the backing tracks, but from what I'm told they are going to be moving away from that... It did seem they mainly used their synths and samplers for most of their set, only relying on the laptop when it was absolutely necessary! I think their set consisted of a cover of a Tekhnotron song as well as a Detached Objectives cover plus a couple of originals (Slava can correct me if I'm wrong)! Anyway, they played an excellent set! Can't wait to play with them in November!!

PurityControl Facebook

P.S.: Not sure when they are going to release something... from what I understand they may be working on an EP or something like that... I'll let you know on a future date (I'll probably be posting it as a future IMM post)!

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