Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Not Enough!!

Well, I’m looking at my discography on Bandcamp, and I haven’t done enough! What I mean by that is… I would like there to be like 60 or 70 EPs/Albums there… As, some of you may know, I like being productive… and right now (yes I know I have one more single to release, and then the new album), I feel like I could do more… by the time I die I would like to see at least 40 albums in my discography, if not more (ideally more)! I feel like I’m getting started on my journey (I know…  I’ve been doing this since 1998-99… almost 20 years), there’s been a lot of time that I struggled between 1999–2004, and sometimes I look at that part of my life and wonder… how did I not know how to stay healthy..?; mentally, physically, and spiritually..? I spent a lot of time dealing with stupid bullshit! I cannot afford to do that anymore… Something I knew a long time ago; Life is very short! We have maybe 80 -100 years on this planet (100 if we’re super healthy, and diligent), and I cannot afford to struggle health-wise anymore! I am not going out with nothing to show for it!! So, on that note, I wanted to ask you, what are your thoughts on life? Are you doing enough?...or even, have you figured out what you want to do?


  1. I never feel like I have enough time. Too much to see, do, and learn. I find if I think too far into the future I get stressed because I'm not where I want to be or haven't done enough of what I want. That doesn't lead to productivity. It detracts from it.
    Instead I've been focusing on 4 areas each day.
    1) Learning. What have I learned today? There are so many subjects and I'll never have time to study them all but if I take a bit each day, I'll be closer than I was.
    2) Creating. What did I make today? I have lots of interests and I love seeing a project come together so I try to work on something every day!
    3) Connecting. People are important to me. Whether it's a text to someone I'm thinking about or an in-depth conversation on spirituality with my have I connected today?
    4) Healing. Spiritual and mental health are important. How have I helped myself in those areas?
    If I do one thing from each every day, I'll be further to my goal of an amazing overall existence.

    1. Ah, yeah... I like staying busy... I generally don't look too far in the future, but I do have goals that I want to reach, so I stay focused on those! And, I do take time for spiritual, and mental health, as well as connecting with friends and family (or just getting out and socializing with people at any of the local goth/industrial events or whatever)! And, I spend a lot of time creating! Not only writing music, but also drawing or painting! Anything that gets me closer to my goals! For me, I try to make at least one whole day (Saturday) for writing music, and another day for drawing (not a whole day, but a portion of the evening), and I also make time during the week for rehearsals for any upcoming shows (one or two days a week) and if we don't rehearse those days, then I'm usually writing music on those days, also, make time for friends/family as well during the week (lately it's been Friday that I usually hang with friends... unless there is something going on, like a concert or something)... the rest of the time I spend reading/learning... I do meditate as well, but I won't get into that too much... that's just for spiritual/mental health!