Monday, 24 July 2017

Industrial Music Monday - Black Line

Well, hello! You know what day it is... fuck yeah, industrial!! This week we have a project out of Los Angeles, California. The music has elements of IDM and electronic-industrial! This project is a collaborative effort, with members from all over the place... the list of contributors is a long one... but I'll try to list them all here: Cyrusrex (Production / Synthesis / Instrumentation / engineering), Douglas J. McCarthy (Vocals / Production), Zack Meyers (Production / instrumentation / vocals), Hen 'Hiwatt' Marshall (Production / engineering), Derrick Baseck (Percussion / synthesis), Bon Harris (Synthesis / production), Brad Apodaca (Synthesis / programming), Michael 'Prophei' Dietel (Production / programming), Anthony Baldino (Sound design / synthesis), Paul Barker (bass guitar), Christian Eigner (live drums), Jon Bates (Guest vocals / production / instrumentation), Mark Walk (Vocal production), Maria Lui. The project is called: Black Line! Check them out!! I would highly suggest checking out the song "Sedition", probably my favorite track off this entire release!

Have a listen, and tell me what you think!

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