Saturday, 13 February 2016

Manga: BioMega (Volumes: 1 - 6) by Tsutomu Nihei

Well, I finished reading through the BioMega manga series (I guess there are only 42 chapters in 6 volumes) by Tsutomu Nihei.   It was pretty good!    It's kind of a combination of cyberpunk/biopunk meets zombie apocalypse. Here's the blurb on the backs of the volumes: "In Tsutomu Nihei's nightmare vision of the future, the N5S virus has swept across the earth, turning most of the population into zombie-like drones. Zoichi Kanoe, an agent of TOA Heavy Industry, is humanity's last hope, and he's not even human! With the help of Fuyu, a digitized intelligence built into the computer system of his heavy dual coil motorcycle, Zoichi's search for the key to salvation will take him on a journey across surreal landscapes and hurl him into battle against mind-bending evil. Prepare yourself for the world of BioMega."  It is a very quick read and I would definitely recommend this manga series! Very good!

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