Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Media, Media bias, and Current Goings On!

Something I’ve been thinking about lately, why, why, why would any media outlet spout biased/manipulated/ or fake news… don’t you want to help people build better relationships with their neighbors, don’t you want the world to be in a better place, don’t you want to educate the masses on what is going on around them in an unbiased fashion… why spout bullshit rhetoric that puts people off or unsure what your true intentions are… why spout racist bullshit, why spout anything false about what is going on around us… the idea of humanity is that we come together and make the world a better place… and when the media starts spouting false news… because they are trying to manipulate people into thinking something that really isn’t going on is… the media is how we see and hear what is going on in the world (whether online or off)… people don’t want to see violence, the want to see and feel peace… ask anybody in the world (if they truly search inside themselves) they will want peace. Granted we may never end up having a true peace, as we will still need to be able to defend ourselves, but a peace nonetheless. If these media companies are using fake news and bias to spin their stories for more viewership…  Shame on you!! You have truly lost what it means to be a news-person. You are supposed to be the trusted places we go to for our stories and current goings on! Where we can see not only the negative aspects (that need changing), but also the positive stories that go around us as well!! Like FOX news, why the fuck would you lead people into believing in such garbage and false stories… don’t you want to educate your customers/viewers and help them help themselves and maybe build a better world…just ridiculous what we are seeing these days (Something I think a lot of the news stations have missed the point on)… If you are doing it just for ratings, I’m sorry, but that is probably the most despicable thing imaginable… the news is supposed to be about educating the masses, and helping them, informing them of what is going around them in world, positive and negative. Maybe what I say here is pointless, but I will say… there will be a point where people will have had enough, and turn off the TV, or stop following your internet reporting pages… I think the shittiest thing we have right now is you turn on your TV or scroll through your news at whatever your favorite site is, and the main concern is, what has this idiot (current president of the US)… has he started a war yet… has the backwards thinking on foreign policy caused the world to become more isolationist… I am truly afraid that the world is gonna become so isolationist, that we will cease to be a world of exciting different cultures to a world that does not want to communicate with each other… a world that will lose its heart and it’s humanity! I guess what I’m trying to say here is… we are all human; Native, Black, LGBTQI+ , Spanish, or whatever… We are all Human, and if you can’t see that, I’m sorry but maybe you should take another look at yourself, a long deep look and ask yourself… am I a human or an animal… animals are violent, we humans evolved from Monkey’s, we are supposed to be more intelligent… Maybe it’s time to act more like it, that means being able to accept everyone is different, if you can’t see that… well I’m very sorry to tell you…I am not a clone, neither are my friends, neither are the people I don’t know… The world would be a very sad place without our friends/family/brothers/sisters/mothers/fathers from another mother… our world would be very sad if all there was, racist rhetoric… or isolationist rhetoric, where countries don’t want to deal with other countries anymore… And I don’t think it’s the general populace of most countries that want this bullshit, it’s the people generally in power that are spouting this bullshit, and if you don’t follow it, you will be shunned, jailed, stoned to death, lynched (yeah apparently that still happens) the one thing I would like to say to these leaders; or supposed leaders, as well as to the mass (supposedly trusted) media… where has your humanity and compassion gone… We are all human, remember?


  1. People's emotions are manipulated on purpose through the media. People are more easily controlled when they are afraid and misinformed. They are weaker when they hurt inside, and they will accept the bad things easier once they have become numb.
    It also keeps the masses fighting for the WRONG THINGS so they won't fight for the right things - the people have power when they work together, and the media is designed to weaken that power.
    I avoid the media as much as possible because I have no way of knowing what is is not the best answer, it is the only one I have though.

  2. Yeah, it's hard to say, I believe people are generally good, so you would think that the media isn't trying to control us, they just want us to see what's out there... course that's not the case, the media has it's bias, and they show us what they want us to see... I mean Fox news is a primary example with all their fake bullshit news and highly biased content, but with all this bias and fake shit, it almost makes me think that some of the news on TV is just trying to get people to watch their show so that their ratings go up, and they are pretty much doing anything to get noticed, whether it's fake or not... they only care about ratings. Sometimes I don't understand why the media would pull shit like that... it's like, don't you care..? Don't you care about the good that is going on in the world..? Don't you care that people are trying to make their way in the world... and that we are humans..?