Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Review: Robotech

Well, I finally finished watching Robotech, the 85 episode anime series (took a looong time to finish it, but I did get there) on Netflix! I'm gonna keep this short... as the whole series spans three generations of characters (children of children, etc...), and there's too much to cover, but I will say; I really liked the anime for that... I liked the idea that you get to know a bunch of the first generation (Macross Saga) of the Robotech characters, "Macronian's". The Macronian's find the ancient technology of the Robotech masters and are warned about an alien race that their sole purpose is to find "Protoculture"... little do they know is that the alien race "Zentraedi" are already on their way to Earth cause they've detected the protoculture... Just after the earthlings launch their Robotech Battleship and fighters into space, the Zentraedi have already arrived, and Earth goes into war to protect their planet. There are lots of casualties and the planet is almost destroyed... but the some of the Zentraedi end up living with the Macronians... as characters on both sides fall in love with each other. The final battle for this generation... the remaining Zentraedi fleet out in deep space, teleports/warp/folds space (whatever)... come to Earth to destroy the Macronians... some of the Zentraedi, have changed sides, and are now fighting with the Macronians... The Macronians defeat the Zentraedi, but the planet is pretty much decimated and has to be rebuilt. The second generation (Robotech: Masters) of Macronians as well as Zentraedi/Macronian hybrids (children of the first generation), are now living in a feudal type society... they've lost a lot of the knowledge of protoculture of the first gen (as the first gen wanted to keep it secret), but they still use robotechnology. This second generation is confronted by the creators of the robotechnology, known as the Robotech Masters... The Robotech Masters are running low on protoculture, and need it to keep their society alive... they detect the protoculture on Earth and travel to Earth to take it, and destroy Earth in the process... unbeknownst to them, Earth is ready for this battle and, when the Robotech Masters arrive, they (Macronians and hybrids) go to war with the Robotech Masters. There are many battles, and Earth defeats the Robotech Masters... but unfortunately, it's too late for Earth now, as another alien race had already detected the protoculture on Earth... The Invid, send their life-force across deep space and destroy most of what was left on Earth. Generation three (New Generation Saga) begins, the characters are the children of the second gen (or well, it's implied), and after an initial attack to reclaim Earth from the Invid, a lone Robotech soldier crash lands on Earth, to find there are pockets of Macronian society living in small towns, and are enslaved by the Invid (generally to hunt down their own kind), this soldier continues his mission to rid Earth of this new alien threat! He eventually ends up finding a small group of resistance fighters to join in his cause, of finding "Reflex Point" and they travel from town to town, fighting the Invid on the way. Eventually, they find Reflex Point and they never destroy it, rather they convince the Invid leader to leave. So, the Invid leader converts the Invid civilization back into an energy form and they leave the planet. Some of the Invid characters stay on the planet and intend on living in peace with the Macronians. Throughout the series, the Macronians deal with questions on whether or not to completely eradicate the alien threats or to find peace with them... eventually they form bonds and relationships with these aliens, earlier in the series, some of the characters fall in love with the aliens (and even have children with them)... and that theme carries on throughout the series... the final episode, the Invid realize what they are doing to the humans, is exactly what was done to them (their homeworld was decimated by the Robotech Masters)... so they decided to make peace and leave Earth. Do I like this anime, yes, very much so!! As stated earlier, I really like the generational aspect, as you get to know these characters and their children, and the children of those children... there's a politcal element to it as well... should we make peace or go to war, what are we really fighting for... in the end, is war really worth it. Would I recommend... Yes! A very large Yes! Such a good anime!!

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