Thursday, 7 December 2017

Movie: Bladerunner 2049

Well, went and saw this a couple of weeks ago! Such an excellent movie... granted it didn’t do well at the box office, but still an excellent movie! The first movie, we saw Deckard hunting down replicants on Earth (and at the ending, falling in love with a replicant)... this movie we see a replicant (who is a Bladerunner) chasing down Deckard! I don’t want to spoil things here for anyone, so... I’m not gonna give any details away regarding the story and such, but I will comment on the flow of the story/film... as with the first movie... it is a very slow moving story... some people didn’t like that, I did! It’s a detective story in a cyberpunk world... there is action, but it isn’t unnecessary... I don’t think anyone should walk into the movie thinking they are seeing an action movie, cause it certainly is not! The visuals were amazing! The story was excellent too! I like this style of cyberpunk movie, cause it gives you time to breathe and live in the world that they are living in... (if you can breathe 😉)! The story also makes you think... is that going to be the world we end up in (a dystopia)? Where corporations control everything... police and government are just puppets..? Granted I love dystopian fiction, especially cyberpunk fiction... however, the original reason this type of fiction was written was as a warning of where things are going or a possible future... I think this stands true with this movie as well! I love this shit! I enjoyed the movie, what did you guys think?

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