Saturday, 30 September 2017

Movie: Ghost In The Shell (2017)

Well, I finally had a chance to watch the new Ghost In The Shell live action movie. Well, at first I thought the movie was decent, but they definitely dumbed down the concepts and themes though... for instance they talk about robotics instead of cybernetics... I'm sure they did that cause they wanted the "general" public to understand what was going on in the movie, but I feel they should have not done that... I don't think they gave the audience a chance to think about what's going on. The plot was interesting, but I think from what I gathered from the story, they have 4 different stories combined into one... they have elements from the original anime (which is a highly truncated version of the original manga) They also have a bunch of stuff from the Stand Alone Complex anime series (which is not actually a part of the original story) and I think if I remember correctly they have pieces of the G.I.T.S: Arise series where in that story it's more about Motoko trying to figure out who she is and how she ended up joining Section 9 (which is also not part of the original story). Out of all honesty, I think if they were trying to make the movie good and successful, they should have stuck with a live action version of the original G.I.T.S anime movie... I think it would have done much better than the story(s) they used for this movie. I'm sure they tried to set this up for sequels if it did well... but I don't think that is going to happen because it failed at the box office... The more I think about the movie, the worse I think it is... I really do think they should have stuck to the original anime movie... or even the original manga (they totally could've stretched it into a multiple movie series)... and they shouldn't have dumbed it down... I guess the whole other issue, that everyone knows is the whitewashing shit... apparently Japanese fans loved that Scarlett Johansson was casted as Motoko, to be honest I'm on the fence about it... I think they probably should have cast a Japanese actress, but there's also the logic that... her body is just a shell, and she can look like pretty much whatever she wants to... if I remember correctly, there was no mention anywhere in the original manga that she was Japanese... but like I said they probably should have cast her as Japanese... I'm sure the producers and directors chose Scarlett cause they wanted to hopefully appeal to a much larger and wider audience... which we know how that went... the movie failed. So...will I recommend this movie... Yes! The reason being is, I look at this movie as another piece of fanfic... it may not be the original story, it may not even be related to the other pieces of fanfic out there, but... it is visually stunning and it is a different take on the story of Motoko and Section 9. What do you think?

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