Sunday, 19 February 2017

Psychotica: Self-Titled (1996)

Thought, I would do something a little different! Figured I would feature a band this week that I almost forgot about until very recently. They get credited with being a seminal influence on industrial/goth (I also found that they were quite glam as well) and I thought I would feature them cause it has been really interesting listening to them again, and finding I still like their sound! I ran across this band, when I was in my late teens (18 or so). I think I found out about them through some kind of magazine, they were sometimes compared to Marilyn Manson, not so much as scale and audience, but as far as shocking performances go... After, I read the article in the magazine and saw pictures of the lead singer, I was extremely curious to find out what they sound like! So, I bought their CD and listened through it, I immediately took a very strong liking to the song: Ice Planet Hell! Loved the drumming! Here's the blurb about them from

"Psychotica, formed in 1994 by Paul "ENA" Kostabi and NYC Club Owner Pat Briggs, were a seminal influence in Industrial Goth, releasing 3 albums to mixed reviews and varied success. Lead singer Pat Briggs, with outrageous costumes and antics, paved the way for the mainstream acceptance of androgynous musicians in bands like Orgy and Placebo. Psychotica's fame reached its pinnacle of popularity in 1996, as a result of being on the bill at Lollapalooza with Soundgarden, Ramones, Screaming Trees and Metallica. Shortly after the tour was finished Briggs moved to Los Angeles, he and Kostabi went in very different directions and eventually Psychotica was no more.

In the fall of 2008 Pat Briggs and Ena Kostabi, along with Enrique Tiru Velez, reunited and began working on the fourth Psychotica album."

Here's some videos of a couple of their songs (If you like them I would suggest purchasing their music!):

Ice Planet Hell

Starfucker Love

The Awakening

I don't know... what do you think? Do you think they were seminal industrial goth band..? Did they fly past your radar..? Comment Below!

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