Monday, 1 August 2016

Industrial Music Monday: Terminus: Gravity Festival

Well, as many of you know Terminus: Gravity Festival happened here in Calgary (July 28th-31st)! Terminus, is a dark electronic/synth/industrial type festival. Many bands/projects from all over the world come and play the fest every year here (Terminus has been going on for the last 5 years)! This is the only fest in Western Canada and maybe the entirety of Canada of it's kind. Every year brings new surprises and the fest is a little more intimate, as the bands hang out after their performance, and any fan can meet and talk to their favorite performer. Terminus is always a good time! There is something for anyone there, as long as you are into the darker side of things!    

This year some of the highlights for me were:

Day 1:

AIWASS; (Calgary, AB) I've seen this band many times before here in Calgary, they are kind of minimal synth/new wave/postpunk type stuff. Their performance was excellent!

Melted Mirror (Calgary, AB) was up next and as always they put on an excellent performance! Earlier this year they played the Sled Island Festival and opened for Psychic TV. Their performances get better and better!

Up next was Ghost Twin (Winnipeg, Manitoba) I have never heard of Ghost Twin before but they were a nice surprise! They are in the darkwave/industrial/gloomypop vein of things. Excellent show!

Day 2:

Strvngers: (Edmonton) Strvngers was the biggest surprise for me for this entire fest! The put on an amazing performance and they really got things rolling for day 2 of Terminus! Their music is kind of an alternative/darkwave/pop type stuff! Very good! (On a side note: we are playing with these guy's in August, so if you want to see them perform again, you should probably come to the show!)

SOLVE:  (San Diego) SOLVE is one of the original members of Aaimon (or Daimon, not sure how to pronounce it). The performance he put on was pretty good! The music is in the vein of ambient/dark electronic/industrial type stuff! If you haven't heard this project before you can check it out here at:

Another highlight for me was Caustic (Madison) Caustic really got the club going! He put on an amazing and very funny performance! Caustic likes to describe his music as jizzcore, so we'll just leave at that. I have two favorite songs from his set: Fuck In A Suit, and the last song he did a very special performance of the Humpty Dance, very fuckin funny!

The next band that I was quite excited to see was Hate Dept. (Indiana) Hate Dept. is a more guitar driven punk/industrial type band. They put on a great performance and they were the band that I wanted to see most at the festival! I do wish they had more electronic elements in their performance, but it was still good for what it was!

Day 3:

Well, day 3 there were only a couple of bands that I was looking forward to. Wytchdoktor (Ottawa, ON) were a nice surprise! The music is in the vein of dark ambient/industrial/noise type stuff. I had only heard some of their stuff, that was on the the Ottawa Industrial League Bandcamp site a couple of years ago, but the performance was amazing!

The next band I was looking forward to was Encephalon. I'm really into the lyric content of their music (Transhumanism). Encephalon describes themselves as synthetic-industrial/digital-rock opera/post-futurepop, and their performance was good! It really does sound like synthetic-industrial digital-rock opera! I really liked how the female vocals juxtaposed the male vocals!

The final band that I thought was good was Ayria (Toronto, ON). We did see her last year at Terminus but, this year was pretty good too! She never dissapoints!

Those were the bands that I enjoyed! If you ever want to come to a dark electronic/synth/industrial type festival in Canada, this is the place to be! It is the only festival of it's type in Western Canada, and maybe the entirety of Canada (at least for now)! *EDIT: forgot to say, thanks to Chris Hewitt and Ambor Sheppard for organizing this event! We hope there is one next year!*  And on that note, what bands did everyone else enjoy this year?

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