Thursday, 28 August 2014

Industrial Awareness Thursday - Lucidstatic

Well, found this band a couple of days ago. It's an Industrial/IDM/Electronic project. They are out of Alaska. They are called Lucidstatic. Check them out!!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Books: Assimilate by S. Alexander Reed

Well, just finished reading this! Excellent book! Here's what the blurb says on the back:

   "Industrial" is a descriptor that fans and critics have applied to a remarkable variety of music: The oildrum pounding of Einsturzende Neubauten, the processed electronic groans of Throbbing Gristle, the drumloop clatter of Skinny Puppy, and the synthpop songcraft of VNV Nation, to name just a few. But the stylistic breadth and subcultural longevity of industrial music suggests that the common ground here might not be any one particular sound, but instead a network of ideologies. This book traces industrial music's attitudes and practices from their earliest articulations -- a hundred years ago -- through the genre's mid-1970s formation and it's development up to the present and beyond.

   Taking cues from radical intellectuals like Antonin Artaud, William S. Burroughs, and Guy Debord, industrial musicians sought to dismantle deep cultural assumptions so thoroughly normalized by media, government, and religion as to seem invisible. More extreme than punk, industrial music revolted against the very ideas of order and reason: it sought to strip away the brainwashing that was identity itself. It aspired to provoke, bewilder, and roar with independence. Of course, whether the revolution succeeded is another question.

   Assimilate is the first serious study published on industrial music. Through incisive discussions of musicians, audiences, marketers, cities, and songs, this book traces industrial values, methods, and goals across forty years of technological, political, and artistic change. A scholarly musicologist and a longtime industrial musician, S. Alexander Reed provides deep insight not only into the genre's history but also into it's ambiguous relationship with symbols of totalitarianism and evil. Voicing frank criticism and affection alike, this book reveals the challenging and sometimes inspiring ways that industrial music both responds to and shapes the world.

   Assimilate is essential reading for anyone who has ever imagined limitless freedom, danced alone in the dark, or longed for more noise.

There you have it! I was inspired by this book. I hope you are too!!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Industrial Awareness Thursday - CTRLSHFT

This weeks band is out of Madison, Wisconson. It's an mix of electro/Industrial/powernoise.The project is headed by Josev F.. The project is called: CTRLSHFT. Check them out!!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Manga: BioMega by Tsutomu Nihei

Picked this up today! It's BioMega by Tsutomu Hihei. Well, it was a random pick. I saw it on the shelf, read the back, flipped through a couple of the pages and decided to get it! This was actually a very good read! The story/blurb on the back is this:

"A virus called the NS5 virus has swept across the earth, turning most of the population into zombie-like drones. Zoichi Kanoe, an agent of TOA Heavy Industry, is humanity's last hope, and he's not even human! With the help of Fuyu, a digitized intelligence built into the computer system of his heavy dual coil motorcycle, Zoichi's search for the key to salvation will take him on a journey across surreal landscapes and hurl him into battle against mind-bending evil. Prepare yourself for the ultimate trip - Prepare yourself for the world of BioMega."

"Zoichi Kanoe plunges into the depths of 9J0 - an island city in the middle of the pacific ocean - in search of Eon Green, a girl with the power to transmute the NS5 virus. He's not the only one looking for her, though... Agents of the Public Health Service's Compulsary Execution Unit are also in hot persuit. Zoichi and his transhuman allies have no time to waste; the countdown to the zombie apocalypse has begun!!"

This story is sci-fi/cyberpunk with horror/zombie themes. It was very good!! I'll be picking up the other ones as well!! It also looks like it's an ongoing series, so there'll be plenty of new issues to check out!! Anyway, Check it out!!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Industrial Awareness Thursday - a7ie

Well, it's that day again and you know what that means... Industrial!! This weeks band is from France. They are an dark electro/industrial type band. They are called: a7ie. Check them out!! 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Industrial Awareness Thursday - Deadliner

This weeks band is an ambient/industrial/dark electro project. The project is out of the U.S.. It is headed by Steve Christie. The project is called Deadliner. Check them out!