Thursday, 27 March 2014

Industrial Awareness Thursday - Kill The Sleeper

Well, today's band is out of Stockholm. They are an aggrotech/electro/industrial type band. They are called: Kill The Sleeper. They don't have very much stuff posted but definitely check them out!!!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Industrial Awareness Thursday - [SNUFF]

Well, it's that day again and that means Industrial!!! Today's project is out of Sydney, Australia. They are a mix of Industrial and Triphop. They are called: [SNUFF]. Check them out!!!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Industrial Awareness Thursday - GenCAB

Well, today is Thursday, and you know what that means... Industrial!!! Today's band is a more well known band. I just started listening to these guys not too long ago. They are an Industrial/Darkwave/EBM type band. They are from Philadelphia. They are called Generation Cable or GenCAB for short. Check them out!!!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Drinking, Drugs and Inspiration

Well, I thought I would tell you my feelings on this subject and maybe offer advice to anyone who uses or is considering using drinking/drugs as inspiration/a tool to write music.  Many years ago at an industrial club night that I was attending I got really drunk and of coarse had a good time. Afterwards, I had arrived at home I was inspired to write some music. So, I wrote a tune (just the music). At the time it sounded good! And I felt like I wrote something that I may use in the future on a potential release. A day or two after I went back and listened to it, it actually didn't sound all that bad! Being that it's years later I can't remember if I even used it on a release or not. Although, I find when I'm drunk I write decent stuff. However, over the years when trying to write lyrics (while drunk), my lyrics are shit. I've known some people that are inspired by doing drugs/alcohol. And yes some of the material is actually pretty good. Other times it can be shit too. I think one of the key things about writing is letting music/lyrics come out and flow and being in the right mind frame for it. So, if you don't have to use drugs/alcohol even better! I think too, in the end that you do not want to become dependent on it cause then there may be drug/alcohol addiction and that is not a good thing! If I were to offer advice on getting in the right mind frame without the use of drugs or alcohol I would suggest light some candles or have some sort of mood lighting, maybe meditate (not necessarily the same day), or do something that will put you in that mind frame. I also think setting a day aside during the week that is dedicated to writing will help things flow as well. Here's the two things people tend to forget when it comes to stuff like that is; Yes, drugs/alcohol can in some cases be very enlightening in the feeling/emotion spectrum but it can also distort as well! If you are going to use them then just keep that in mind and also keep in mind your health as well (mental and physical).  Anyway, just my thoughts on the subject!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Industrial Awareness Thursday - CompUterus

Well, it's that day again and that means industrial!! This weeks band is out of Halifx, NS, Canada. It's an IDM/Noise/Industrial type band. They are called: CompUterus. Check it out!!