Thursday, 27 June 2013

Industrial Awareness Thursday - Cold Divide

Well, it's Thursday, and yes that means industrial! This week it's a band called: Cold Divide. The are from Melbourne, Australia. I found them just recently and their stuff is pretty decent. Check it out!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Industrial Awareness Thursdays - Guru Guru Complex

Well, it's Thursday and you know what that means: Industrial! This Thursday it's a band called: Guru Guru Complex. They are out of Belgium. That is all I know, but I've been listening to their stuff for a little while now and they kind of remind me of Throbbing Gristle. Anyway, check them out!

Mona Lisa Overdrive

Well, picked this up a week or 2 ago. And, what do I have to say; Holy Fuck! This is the third book in The Sprawl series by William Gibson and holy fuck! All the main characters are here; Molly, Finn, Bobby, Angie, maybe even Case. Basically, about Angie who has become a Sense/Net star and there's rumors abounding that she hears voices and stuff. But those that have read the previous books know the real story, She doesn't need a cyberdeck to connect to the net. And those voices are actually weird ghosts in the net called the 'loas', that guide and talk to her. I'm not gonna say what the outcome of this book is but it's really fuckin good! So, if you are into cyberpunk literature definitely check this out!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Industrial Awareness Thursday - U6M0

Well, it's Thursday and you know what that means; Industrial! This week is a project called: U6M0. It hails out of Oklahoma City, Alabama, United States. I found this project, of all places on It was just a random finding. I was going through their (vampirefreaks) industrial music lists and just clicked on this band. There isn't very much information on this project but I think the music speaks for itself. Check it out!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Industrial Awareness Thursday - Abducted By Sharks

Well, today is Thursday and you know what that means: Industrial. This Thursday it's a project called Abducted By Sharks. It's a cyberpunk/industrial type band. The project is based out of Seattle. Teo Acosta is the principle songwriter, and I'm not sure how long he's been doing this for but I really like this stuff and it's definitely worth checking out!

What A Night!

What a night! First; New Nine Inch Nails song 'Came Back Haunted' is "leaked". Then Trent announces North American 'Tension' Tour. And as I hoped they are coming to Calgary on Nov. 25 this year!   So, here's the song it will be available for download later today on NIN's site (I think I've listened to this song 6 or 7 times now):