Monday, 31 December 2012

History Lesson For Local Calgary Industrial Bands (and also for who anybody that is interested)

Well, being that I can't sleep I decided to give a little history lesson for local Calgary industrial bands and anybody that's interested in this particular topic. So, I'll start here first:
Interdimensional Industries

I think this was probably the first industrial label to open shop in Calgary; Interdimensional Industries. They were an electronic, experimental, techno/industrial type label. Some of the bands on their roster were: Voice Industrie (which I opened for for one of their shows here way back in 2003), Cryptomnesia (which was Reagen's band, and Reagen ran Interdimensional), releveleR, Landscape Body Machine, Toxic Shock Syndrome (This guy put on a lot of shows at all kind of events, think he might have done a Demonika show or two way back in the day! Also, know he did rave shows too!). I do believe that Interdimensional now operate out of Edmonton but I'm not sure if that's true or not cause I heard a couple years back they were coming back to Calgary.

This next label to open up in Calgary is called: Gashed! It started up in 1998 by Eric Deegan as a division of Mimicry Distro 

When it was first established, Gashed! sought solely to give a voice and business avenue for deserving, innovative and professional artists that went overlooked and unappreciated by larger industrial labels.Over the course of four years and 14 releases the label helped launch and/or forward the careers of many quality electronic industrial artists such as Assemblage 23, Negative Format and Aghast View, often at little or no financial gain to the label.

In late 2001 the owner, Eric Deegan, chose to shutdown the label to focus on advancing his government job and raising a family. All remaining artists were released of their contracts and given sole rights to their back-catalogs. The label ceased operations on November 12, 2001.

And yes this was a Calgary electro/industrial record label! And yes that said Assemblage 23!

(Little secret: just before they shut down operations I was writing a letter to them. I wanted to be apart of their team. Coarse I do believe it was a week later and they ceased operations so I never sent that letter. But nonetheless another Calgary electro/industrial label).

There was one more label that I know of and that was: Inception Records. Not sure when these guys started up but I think they started up around or near the same time as Gashed! Can't seem to find much information on them on the internet but yes they were a Calgary label and unbelievably God Module was signed to them. I do believe another band Flesh Field was signed to them aswell. I think the label did eventually fold. But once again a label that broke some cool bands.

I guess the reason why I wanted to post this is you hear people complaining about the scene here in Calgary saying the scene is shit and that there is no new infusion with new people and and that the scene is too small and that nothing happens here. And I'm telling you shit does happen here! These labels may not be here anymore but it's an example of what it could be. A lot of people don't realize that there are industrial bands here in Calgary that do play out and there has been an industrial festival here as well! (Terminus). So, you want shows? you want events? Come out and support. That's the only way it will get better!

Oh yeah, one last thing, I've started a facebook group called Calgary Industrial Music Network. I created it for strictly for bands, DJ's, promoters and anyone that wants to get involved in creating shows/events in the Calgary Industrial/Goth scene. This group was created as a communication/organizational/resource/networking tool for bands, DJ's, promoters in creation of shows and events. Look us up on facebook and send me: Shayne Lawrence a message and I'll send you an invite.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Hard Boiled

Just purchased and read this comic (Hard Boiled by Frank Miller). Very interesting. Geof Darrow's artwork is amazing! No detail left out. The story is a cyberpunk story about a robot that wants to be normal and has this tendency to kill things. I actually hadn't intended on purchasing it when I walked into the comic store. But I saw it and I remembered seeing it when I was younger in a comic book illustrating class, and remembered the detail the art went into and the weird fucked up story. So when I saw it again I took a look through it and realized that this was that same book when I was younger. So, I purchased it. For comics and manga and stuff I'm really into cyberpunk stuff and this is definitely cyberpunk. So, if your looking for something cyberpunk and something interesting this is definitely something to read.

Friday, 23 November 2012


Well, I finished reading 1984. I was originally hesitant in reading this book, but after I started reading I realized it is quite different than what I had expected. This is a book about a future where the world is basically in a communist state, and if you speak out against the government you basically disappear. You're tortured, beaten, and mentally abused. This book actually pissed me off! Not because it was a shitty story, but because the stupidity of the whole situation that all these people are in. As many have said; this story is a warning of what things could become. I'm sure in some places it might already be like that or close to it. But I think the one thing people have to realize is that we have the power to change! There is only one constant in this world and it's change.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Dam Drum

Neat little drum/drone machine. Too bad there's none left!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Twitch Self-titled Rerelease

Twitch has rereleased his first self-titled album on ( It is pay-what-you-want. So go listen and download... and if you are so inclined donate!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Net Generation

Just finished reading "Grown Up Digital" by Don Tapscott. Excellent book. If I were to suggest one book to read about our generation this one is it.