Monday, 12 December 2011


So, we all live in this world. And, we are all humans. Yet, we still seem to want to destroy eachother. People seem to think it's ok and you wonder why. It's in the news, in movies, it's on the net, governments are obssessed with it. If you see enough of it you become desensitized to it. It becomes normal. But is violence neccessary? We have a right to defend ourselves... whether that's on a small scale... somebody attacks you, or on the large scale, defending your country from invaders or terrorists. But the question is... How far do we take it? Do we have to destroy someone? or can we incapacitate them so that they can never attack us again? The next question is... are we even capable of incapacitating them to that point? Is it possible? Or, is it that if we can't incapacitate... then we have to take their life?

Peace, light and love,